What is Svenskt Kött

Svenskt Kött (´Swedish Meat´) is a brand-independent association organisation, owned by the Swedish meat industry (Svenska Köttföretagen [SvKf]), The Federation of Swedish Farmers (LRF) and Swedish beef, pork and lamb producers (Sveriges Nötköttsproducenter [SNP], Sveriges Grisföretagare och Svenska Fåravelsförbundet [SF]).

We are a platform for discussions, inspiration and knowledge about Swedish pork, beef and lamb and the values as well as the benefits of Swedish meatproduction. Let us tell you why Swedish beef, pork and lamb are good choices whether you are buying meat in the grocery store or dining out. Our mission is to ensure that you have confidence in Swedish meat and Swedish animal breeding, and that Swedish meat is your first choice whenever you eat meat, at home or in restaurants.

Please follow us on our web page, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. You will find our press releases in our pressroom and on MyNewsdesk.

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